Monday, October 13, 2008

The New American Dream

Apparently the American dream is to live in subsidized housing. I didn't know that...I always thought it was life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Nevertheless, I just sat at a panel of 6 seniors who told me that that was the case. Does anyone want to edit the founding documents of the country to reflect that.


Cheeth said...

Lenin is laughing in his grave at the increasing convergence of the Bolshevik and American dreams.

Also, Ron Paul is rolling in his grave. What? He's still alive?

themickel said...

No, you know what McCain really needs to do? Suspend his campaign immediately and embark on a 3 city pie eating contest against Obama. Monday, Minneapolis: Lemon Meringue. Tuesday, Omaha: Blueberry. Wednesday, Toledo: Dutch Apple.

I'm disappointed with Johnny Mac. I thought he'd campaign different. Instead he's resorted to the Bush/Rove method that was used against him. I was so ready to be convinced to vote for him too...