Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This Ad Doesn't Work for Black People, or White People

If memory serves me correctly, Holmes was in North Carolina at one point.  Perhaps he can explain why Red House Furniture thought this was a good ad:


themickel said...

I'm still trying to decide whether this is a joke. Because if it is it's pretty funny.

And if it's not: twice as funny.

Cheeth said...


This ad is fantastic! It's a perfect satire of race-sensitivity. I love their stating faux-seriously that certain pieces of furniture can be enjoyed by both white and black people.

Plus, the fact that we are discussing it at all is proof that they created a great ad.

Cheeth said...

If you read the MSNBC story about it, it's pretty clear that they weren't serious, but they are a real store. I can't/won't find the link, though.

Sorro said...

I definitely see your point, and it also got people talking...I just can't shake the redneck-awful production values. I mean, these guys are worse actors than current-day William Shatner.

Rob said...

Hey, we just talked about this over at ye olde Provonian. Taliatha put a link to "making of" video in the comments section. Look for Jed's post about his movie.

I think this would actually go over pretty well in NC--a state that is great for black people . . . and white people.

Sorro said...

Scott, I think you live there too...what's your thoughts on this store for black people...and white people?