Thursday, February 02, 2006

St. Aaron the Flaccid

It's a short post today - loads have happened at work, it's the wife's birthday, and whatnot...but I've had such a string of posts that I couldn't go down without a fight. Therefore, without further ado, Forro and I have decided to bestow sainthood on people in the office. Names have been changed, mainly because we don't want to get in trouble.

St. Aaron the Flaccid: Patron Saint of the Mediocre and Indigent. St. Aaron will take any level of performance for any reason at all, mainly because he doesn't want to be responsible for maybe causing financial hardship for someone.

St. Marcus the Rake: Patron Saint of Single Mothers. St. Marcus will give every benefit of every doubt to single mothers, and in the process, look like he is sexually harassing them.

St. Maxwell the Clueless: Patron Saint of Technophobes. St. Maxwell doesn't know anything about technology, other than "bigger must be better."

St. Louis the Weak-willed: Patron Saint of Last Resort. St. Louis will take anybody into his department if the Boss says so.

St. Samuel the Beloved: Patron Saint of Those Who Can Do No Wrong. St. Samuel is beloved of St. Aaron. That pretty much covers it.

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