Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Doomsday Clock Rolls Back

Despite the earlier prognostication that there's going to be a big earthquake today at 5 PM, it has apparently been pushed back by God and my crazy aunt to Thursday at 5 PM. Adjust your panic accordingly.

On a side note, my uncle and mother have both made runs on local stores to clear them out of everything. Honestly, isn't that a bit much? How in the world can you believe crazy aunt when her last prophecy didn't happen (and certainly won't now that President Hinckley is dead and buried)? I'm going to make sure that I am at work after 5 just out of defiance (and the fact that I always am anyway) to this ridiculous idea that she has prophetic powers.


themickel said...

Whew...I'm glad it's been pushed back. I had forgotten the earthquake was today and rode my scooter to work. Woulda been hard trying to get home on that, what with the ravines in the roads and the swarm of fiery locusts.

Don't take this the wrong way, Sorro, but I'm glad to hear you have a crazy relative. It means I'm not alone.

Michael Brady said...

I kind of wish that it happened today. Gives crazy relatives a leg to stand on. Heaven knows I am the crazy relative in my house.

Here's to hoping that the earthquake will level us all... *CHEERS*

themickel said...

So I'm curious: if the prediction doesn't come true, what is the best course of action? Do you confront your prophetic/crazy relative about it? Do you just let it go? Give it a casual mention at the next family dinner?

"Yeah, we're doing well, nothing much going on really. How're you guys? Bummer that whole earthquake thing didn't work out, huh? Can you pass the rolls?"

Sorro said...

Well, I won't necessarily be able to say I told you so and have anybody actually listen to reason, so I imagine I will say I told you so and leave it at that. Eventually people have to stop listening to her, right?