Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Marketing Director is a Moron

Let me know if you think that this is a problem. I know more about our marketing numbers than our head marketing guy. This isn't financials or anything like that, its basics like prospects, number of clients, and so forth. I think he's an idiot, am I right?


Michael Brady said...

It's a problem. No labeled pools moving prospects from one to the next as they progress toward baptism?

themickel said...

Hmmm. We need a marketing person, and it sounds like you're our guy. Want to come work for us? We can offer you health benefits, fitness program, use of our 'executive bathroom', and free donkey rides on Thursdays.

If not, how about your marketing person? Is he making less than 40K a year?

Sorro said...

I would bequeath my marketing guy and the handsome sum of $100,000 to you if you would take him off our hands. We'd make that money back in the first six months. Unfortunately, you wouldn't ever want to take someone that radioactive, and I would hate for him to "market" you out of a job.