Friday, May 30, 2008

Big Big Love

So I was watching TV the other night and I totally got sucked into the 48 Hours on polygamy. It was absolutely fascinating, and it got me thinking about polygamy in general. I really have no problem with it. It’s certainly not for me, but if people want to live it, they should have that right. Of course, because it’s different, it’s not considered normal.

To me, there are two kinds of polygamy: the FLDS kind and the other kind. The FLDS kind is rather insidious, where there is no choice or say in the matter. You’re 14? Say hello to your new husband, Joe. Your sister left the group? Joe is not your husband, now Tom is. That is awful, it’s abusive, and it should never be allowed or sanctioned. I’m all for wiping out the leadership of that group – let Warren Jeffs rot in prison and let his followers experience the real world.

The other kind is one where the family lives in the real world, among the rest of society, and they are all together normal people, with the exception that Johnny doesn’t just have two mommies, but a father as well. What’s so wrong with that? How is that so worse than Hugh Hefner, who is legally able to have as many Playboy bunnies in his bed as he wants, every night? At least the father in this situation cares about the family, as opposed to someone who is either bored with the same woman or just wants sex.

I certainly think that if gay marriage is legalized, there is no way you can keep polygamy illegal. Yes, it’s not the normal state of affairs here in the US, but does that really matter? Technically, if you look at the constitution, there’s nothing there that says you can’t marry who or whatever you want. This is my libertarian streak speaking, but let people live. Protect those who need it – children, those under age, and so on, but let consenting adults consent.

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