Saturday, May 31, 2008

This Week in the WSJ

Perhaps this will become a regular feature, perhaps not. Nevertheless, I found some things in the WSJ that were of interest to me and if my calculations are correct, Digg links that will let you read them:

Rebels Flail In Colombia: More good news about what is looking more and more like the death throes of FARC and a real win for the US government.

Taxpayers May Face Hurricane Tab: You know all those idiots that are on the other side of the country from you - building in hurricane, earthquake, tornado, and so on prone areas? Here's the first step for us bailing them out of their decisions. What happened to personal responsibility?

Detroit Politician Gets Lesson in Civility from 13 Year Old
: One of the WSJ's typically offbeat A-Head stories about how a 13 year old caused a stir in Detroit.

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