Thursday, May 08, 2008

Updates from a Ruined Society

What the disaster was is currently unknown, but rest assured, it was awful. Buildings are standing everywhere, cars are driving on the roads, it's pandemonium. I'm barely able to write this blog, what with my T1 connection being up and all. We don't know what happened, but we do know what led up to it:
-Crazy aunt makes a prophecy that she'll have to use her food storage starting at 5 PM yesterday.
-Crazy aunt receives second revelation revising the time to today at 5 PM
-Uncle who is married to crazy aunt sees a lone bomber circling Hill Air Force Base. This may or may not be important
-Uncle who thinks the world is ending heard that we captured the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq. His immediate thought was that al Qaeda would attack us straightway. Remember, this was a scant hour or so before the big disaster.
-Mother thinks we might be in for an EMP due to an airburst ICBM explosion. From who or where is currently unknown.

I really don't know where to begin as it is just so horrible that words can't describe how horrible it is. As I drink my Diet Pepsi and sit in front of my monitor, I look out the window and can only quote Kurtz..."The horror! The horror!"

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Michael Brady said...

Joseph Conrad must be a prophet, too. Either him or Coppolla. I have taken a liking to caustic Beau. Maybe the disaster prophecy has something to do with the Jazz?