Friday, February 29, 2008

An Inconvenient Half-Truth

I ran across this information today and it's incredible. It seems like every decade or so the global warming cacophony gets so large that a lot is done about it. In some instances it has helped (our air is much cleaner) in others, it's been costly and annoying (our current fixation on carbon dioxide is both). As a result, we've got a whole treaty capping CO2, states are regulating it as a pollutant (you are polluting by breathing, planet killer), we're moving away from oil to ethanol (which, contrary to popular belief is actually worse for the planet than oil) and we're concerned that the planet will heat up until you see polar bears swimming for their lives and the Statue of Liberty knee deep in the ocean. There's only one problem with this doomsday scenario - it's merely a scenario. In fact, according to every major temperature tracking group on the planet, the temperature dropped more between January last year and this year than any time on record. I don't know that this will silence the Gorecolytes or their CO2 hate, but it might tilt the debate back to global cooling, which was the prevailing theory back in the 70s.

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