Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday Quick Hits

-I came across this little news story yesterday and all I have to say is that I hope it's going to be debunked. Al Pacino may be starring as the villain in the next Bond movie, Quantum of Solace. The problem here is that he doesn't fit the role at all. He's a fantastic actor, and I have loved him in so many of his movies (The Godfather I and II, Heat, Ocean's 13, etc), but this is not the film for him. Some of that might be because I'm too influenced by Frank Caliendo's impression of him, but after making the best Bond movie ever (#18 on my 50 Greatest Movies list), Casino Royale, I'd hate to have Daniel Craig be forced into making one of the potentially worst Bond movies ever.

-Fidel Castro's corpse gave up power in Cuba today. While his brother, Raul, is now in power (and has been for a while), this is a chance for the US to give up its counterproductive Cuban blockade. Let's open the country to US goods and services and let them see what capitalism will get them.
-What could be the final domino in the NBA trade season fell today when the Jason Kidd to Dallas for the Keith Van Horn pu-pu platter trade went through. The thing that blows my mind about this trade, other than the stupidity of it (and the Shaq-Matrix trade), is how long it's taken to get it finalized. First Devean George ensures that after this season is over, he'll be sent out of Dallas on a rail by refusing to be included in the trade so he won't renounce his Bird rights. My question is what good are those when Dallas won't re-sign you anyway? The answer: no good. Next, Jerry Stackhouse opens his big mouth and says he's going right back to Dallas, a giant middle finger to the NBA, which turns around and slams that finger in the car door. Finally, Dallas gathers together enough bad contracts, decent players, and bad players together to send them to the Nets and effectively double New Jersey's team size. I think at the end of the day Dallas and Phoenix aren't headed anywhere even with these emergency reaction trades. The interesting thing is that the Jazz started this with Kyle Korver back in December. KK is great, but these superstar deals are all a case of oneupsmanship that is a bit surprising to say the least.
-HD-DVD is dead, long live Blu-Ray! I'm glad there's finally a victor in the format wars because I've wanted to move to a next generation format for a couple of years. I always thought Sony would win (and said that putting the Blu-Ray player in the PS3 was a masterstroke, even though it crippled the console for at least a year), but it's nice to know if I buy a BR player I won't end up with the next Betamax.


themickel said...

I think it's officially time that the Eastern Conference gets relegated to the D-League. I mean, seriously...how messed up is it that Golden State wouldn't even make the playoffs if the season ended right now, yet would be the number 4 seed in the Eastern Conference?

Boston, Detroit, and Orlando could come to the playoffs, but the rest should just stay in their own league and work on their dribbling.

Sorro said...

I would seriously like to see a Premier League system set up in the US like they have in Britain. Take the 2 worst teams in a league every year and demote them. That means the New York Knicks and Miami Heat would become D-League players while the Utah Flash and another D-League team would move up. It would make things very interesting, especially in these feeder leagues.
The other thing that would work, but never will be implemented, is having the NBA seed based on where the teams are. Top 16 teams get in, regardless of conference, are seeded 1-16 and have a battle royale. It'd be like one quarter of a March Madness bracket, only with 7 game series.