Thursday, February 07, 2008


As Zombie Shakespeare asked in The Simpsons, "is this the end of [Mitt Romney]?" Apparently it is for 2008. With his exit and his acrimonious campaign with John McCain, you have to ask if his political career is over too. You can never say never as even Walter Mondale (the candidate, not the Navy laundry ship) made a comeback, but Mitt has some serious obstacles in his path. His terrible relationship with McCain makes it difficult to be either a running mate or a cabinet member. He could go back to Massachusetts, but would he get elected again? He cut and ran in 2006 to lay the foundation for his Presidential bid and I really don't see him becoming Governor again. He could go back to Bain Capital and make a boatload of money, and that's not a bad option for a lifestyle. It is terrible for his political career though. He will forever be known as essentially his father...serious Mormon candidate who didn't get his party's nomination. When will the next serious Mormon candidate come along and will he overcome what felled Romney?


Scott said...

"When will the next serious Mormon candidate come along and will he overcome what felled Romney?"

Well if the next Mormon candidate didn't feel the need to be a "flip-flopper" (I dislike that word, but it seems appropos) then I don't think that there's anything to overcome. And I think that ol' Mitt isn't quite done yet. Maybe he is but I wouldn't count him out.

themickel said...

It's too bad. I think Mitt would have made a good president. I felt he was never genuine, kind of like the Republican John Kerry. He also campaigned dirty, which is regretable.

Sorro said...

While Mitt was a flip flopper and someone who seemed like he was running a board meeting (seriously, he didn't have any passion), the WSJ did a study that showed that 50% of Americans would have a problem with a Mormon president. I don't know if someone else could overcome this (perhaps someone who seemed real), but it helped slay Mitt.