Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sorro Goes To The Movies

I went and saw Vantage Point yesterday, a movie that has been acknowledged to be inspired by Rashomon, if Rashomon didn't have conflicting points of view and Japanese actors. It wasn't nearly as bad as the critics said (I think they think every movie should be art, and this certainly isn't. What it is is entertaining. Anyway, that wasn't what mattered as much as the trailers. It was interesting to see some non-Batman or Indiana Jones movies that were coming out.
The most interesting, and one that immediately jumped to my "must see" list is Defiance starring James Bond (Daniel Craig) and directed by Edward Zwick. I would say that this might be the first sure-fire Oscar contender of the year. Take a look at the trailer:

They showed the trailer for Wanted, a movie that looks like it is probably incredibly dumb, but you can't deny how cool the Angelina Jolie-driven Viper scoop is. It's impossible, but impossibly awesome. Take a look right towards the beginning here
Finally, there's the Iron Man trailer, which is a mixed bag. Up until Robert Downey, Jr is captured, it looks like a great mix of humor and comic book fun, but I don't see any of that afterwards. The jury is out on whether or not this will be great or not. I'm totally on the fence here.

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Scott said...

Iron Man will be totally great, have no fear.