Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Word of the Year Candidate

My candidate for word of the year is mancer. For those who wonder what that is, it's man cancer, as in testicular or penile (which to be honest is the most frightening cancer in the history of the world. Not for its killing ability, but for its maiming ability. I can honestly say that I would probably rather be a quadriplegic than have to have severe penile cancer and it's attendant...um...amputation). Perhaps if we had our own word for men's cancers, Forro wouldn't be so mad that our blue ribbons or blue beer bottle caps haven't happened and/or that women have their pink everything (and soon to be red everything).


Smash said...

Maybe if you hadn't oppressed us for thousands of years, we'd care more about your stupid "mancer"

Sorro said...

Help, I'm being oppressed!