Monday, April 21, 2008

Crazies in the Office

I meant to write about this on Friday but didn't get around to it, in part because of the incident that I'm about to detail. I was paged in my office that someone was out front who was named Matt (as always with office posts, names have been changed) and was a web designer who had someone from here call him. I wondered if it was Matt Ramone, our accountant, and our secretary was confused. She asked him and he said he was Matt Damon and he was here because someone called him. I knew that Forro had been doing some things with a web design company, so I grabbed Forro and we went out to the receptionist's desk. There was Matt, talking to someone else we do business with and looking rather unkempt. He said he was just talking with his good friend, Edward Norton, and then he talked with us about how they were filiming a movie at some Mexican restaurant in town and he had been there for 4 hours but now they just wanted head shots, and not just any head shots, but those of geeks - with that he pointed at us and said "like you guys." Edward was looking more uncomfortable than he ever did in Rounders, and Forro and I were wondering what was going on. Matt apologized for the remark, then got up and said that he wanted to know if we knew who he was. Forro said he was Matt Damon. He asked if we knew why he was here and Forro said "no, how can we help you." Matt swore loudly and shouted "I'm Matt Damon, a web programmer, and someone from here called me!" With that he smacked Forro's outstretched hand and made a loud enough noise that it could be heard around the office. People started coming up front, wondering what train was wrecking and who was involved. Forro asked him to leave at that point. Matt kept protesting and apologizing and saying that he would talk to him if he called him back and gave him a business card. Matt said he'd stay outside to talk to his good friend Ed, but Ed didn't look like he wanted that. Forro escorted him out of the building and we called the cops who hauled him away. It was rather interesting all said and done.
The sad part of the story as Ed told us later was that he had known Matt quite well but hadn't heard from him in over a decade. They worked together and after Ed had left the set, Matt's son had committed suicide, driving him over the edge. Matt left his wife, got into drugs, and became the deranged semi-hobo we saw before us. It's crazy that that had completely destroyed Matt and very sad. Nevertheless, it was a very interesting day.


Michael Brady said...

I don't know what is going on here; I must not be down with the esoteric lingo. Either that, or you just decided to post a confusing blog for fun. Either way, keep it coming. Nothing delights me more than thinking in my mind:

Matt Daaaaay-muhn

themickel said...

I'm with Brady. I'm still trying to figure out if Matt Damon was actually in your office or not.

Sorro said...

Matt Damon and Edward Norton: not in my office. Crazy guy and normal guy: in my office. Matt Damon=Crazy guy, Edward Norton=Normal guy

Cheeth said...

Whew, I was sure I had just lost my understanding of English.

Looks like Sorro has, though.


Michael Brady said...

After another careful reading accompanied by my Little Orphan Annie decoder, Rosetta Stone and my Urim (I lost my Thummim), I was able discern the truth behind this parable. And something about homeless people. And something about Ovaltine.

Sorro said...

I'm riding your city!