Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Text Overload

While I appreciate the work of the media in trying to find this little girl, I have to say the way they did this was completely mental. First thing they did was shoot American Idol into the small box, which was definitely appropriate and not bloggable. What took it into SNL territory was when they then squished that for information that could have been presented in the initial news blurb. It would have been great if they took all of that and put it in a different window to present the same information again, just a little bit differently.

UPDATE: My wife and I were watching the news report on this, and as usual they repeated the same stuff over and over and over again. One of the key things that was mentioned by the reporter was that the brother of the little girl "didn't speak very good English." Might I request that before you remove the sliver in his eye, you take care of the mote in yours first? Proper English would be that he "didn't speak English very well."

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Jen said...

Um, yeah. I noticed the "didn't speak very good English" and I chuckled to myself: "Neither do you!"