Thursday, April 10, 2008

My (Brief) Run-in with Greenpeace

So I was walking with Forro from the Woodley Park subway station to my conference hotel today and Greenpeace had several people out trying to sign people up to do a variety of things, including donating money or signing up to go spike trees or put sugar in the gas tanks of loggers. I walked past the first person, but the second one got me, while Forro got corralled by the one I walked past. He chatted with her and came away thinking they were a bit militant. The one that got me is the only one that I can attest to chatting with. She asked if I would talk for a second and I said that I was a bad person. I said this because I knew I didn't agree with them and I didn't want to get in it on the street. She went into her pitch about global warming and how the US is the cause of it and this and that and the other and I said "I don't believe in global warming, in that I don't think humans are the cause of it." To my shock and surprise, she said "okay, have a great day" and we were done. Good on you Greenpeace! By not having it out with me on the vagaries of volcanos, CO2, Earth Day, cows, and whatnot, you made me not be annoyed and helped your image out. I really appreciate it!

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