Friday, April 25, 2008

I'll Curse Us Again, But...

...I have to say something about the Jazz game last night. They didn't deserve to win. D-Will was incredible, but everybody else seemed to be coasting. It's not to say that they didn't do okay (Boozer was okay, AK was okay, Harpring was okay, Memo was okay), but they didn't play well. In order for them to win, they've got to actually go to the boards. I was disgusted with how they rebounded. It seems like someone would hoist up a shot and everybody else would head down to the other end, leaving 5 Rockets fighting for the board. They didn't hit their free throws, and they didn't hustle. If we played like that in Houston, we would have been slaughtered. The one thing that I continue to like though is the way that Williams takes things on his shoulders and tries to make it happen. He doesn't want to lose and he is not satisfied by anything less than a title. That more than anything else is why he's the leader of the team now.
At any rate, the Jazz need to take it up a notch, because even if they beat Houston, an effort like last night's won't get them much against the Lakers.

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