Wednesday, April 02, 2008

There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

I am very underwhelmed by Jason Chaffetz' campaign so far. I conducted the semi-weekly cleaning of our mailbox last night and we had some things from him. One was a letter saying that he was running a different kind of campaign. He was only going to spend $80000 or so to campaign and was therefore foregoing the lunches that most legitimate campaigns do when they talk to delegates, and then he goes on to say it's because he's fiscally responsible and the other 2 candidates aren't.
Here's why that annoys me. A free meal, or even a little sandwich buffet spread of stuff from Costco or wherever isn't buying delegate votes, despite Chaffetz' claims. Instead it's an acknowledgment that our time is valuable and that you appreciate us coming to listen to you for 1-2 hours. In my opinion, if he was in it to win it, he'd be lunching us up all over the place. I'll go to quite a few events in the next month and change, but my time is valuable and if he would prefer to pinch pennies rather than spending 5-10 bucks on lunch, then he will get precisely 1.5 hours to convince me to vote for him. Other candidates who actually say "thanks for coming, here's some food" will get additional opportunities (Cannon is at 1 taken and Leavitt 2, but the campaign has just begun).

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