Monday, June 02, 2008

I Love This Ad

I got back from a quick business trip to St George this past weekend and found this circular from Tenochtitlan Market (only the greatest Mexican foodstuffs store I've come across) in my mailbox. The thing that caught my eye wasn't the cut-rate prices on meat or vegetables though, it was the seeming rape-in-progress up in the top corner. I would guess what they meant to have happen was Montezuma is helping her after she fainted from seeing just how low the prices were. Instead, what happened either through poor planning or an appeal to people who are quite low-brow, he's raping the maiden who just so happened to have her legs get chopped off by an unknown force.


Michael Brady said...

Amazing. I you should start a caption contest.

Cheeth said...

I'll drink a tamarind Jarritos to that.