Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Primary Day

You still have a few hours left to cast your votes today to determine if we get Congressman Cannon returning or if everybody's favorite sound byte, Jason Chaffetz, will win.

For the record I voted for Chris Cannon and Richard Ellis


Michael Brady said...

I wrote in "Hoots".

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like the sound byte won. look on the bright side. If Chaffetz gets his way on immigration we can carry papers with us and if we lose them they will just deport us.


Sorro said...

White guys are lucky. The papers restriction would favor them. If you're Mexican though, or rather of Hispanic descent, I'd carry my US Passport everywhere under the Tancredo/Chaffetz plan.

Tone said...

I would've voted for Cannon if they'd let us democrat types vote in these 'party only' primaries. What, too big?

That's all we need from Utah, someone MORE conservative than Cannon who scored a 96% on the 'redder that red' meter.

Chaffetz seems just a teency bit nutty to me. But he sure is handsome.

Sorro said...

It's not nutty so much as calculating. There's a reason he was in charge of Jon Huntsman's campaign for governor, and he knew exactly what he was doing the entire race. He's got the political skills to be as entrenched as Robert Byrd or Ted Stevens.