Friday, June 13, 2008

A-Rod Strikes Back

I had this conversation on Wednesday with the fabled A-Rod, the Destroyer (of companies).

A-Rod: Yeah, can I get my Quickbooks running again? It says it needs administrator or something like that and can I get that done if I bring it in?

Me: Yeah, we can get that done.

A: Do you need to do it, or can Nick and Jayne do it?

M: They both can, but I don't think Nick will be in tomorrow, so you should probably go to Jayne.

A: Okay, and you're not going to be there?

M: No, I'm going out of town for a week.

A: Okay, so is Jayne certified to do this?

I think: No, I just told you that she could because I wanted to confuse you. She's actually not certified to do anything.

I say: Yes.

Seriously, who's the idiot who feels the need to say that? I ought to beat him with a tack hammer.


Ryan P Giles said...

I can't imagine who this might be referring to...

Oh and do you have any clue on how to get my PDA with Covey software on it to sync up with my laptop?

Forro said...

I wish you would beat him with a tack hammer, because it will save me from having to reinstall Franklin Covey software...yet again