Friday, June 27, 2008

So You Think You Can Watch TV

A couple of my favorite routines from this season of So You Think You Can Dance

I love this Viennese Waltz. They did a fantastic job with the material, especially considering that neither of them were ballroom dancers.

Who knew that hip hop dance could be so good? It's never been my favorite style, but this is fantastic.
EDIT: (Added video)

Fast forward to the 1:00 mark here and take a look at this elimination dance. It's quite possibly the single greatest dance in the history of the world. From the predictable because he did it last week run/jump/splits in the air to the "crap, I ran out of room!" u-turn, there is nothing better than this here.

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Ginna said...

we really like to watch so you think you can dance. it's really entertaining.