Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dan Brown Decodes Da Vinci

In the continuing court case of Those Guys Who Wrote Holy Blood, Holy Grail vs. Dan Brown, Random House, and Common Sense, Dan Brown has submitted a gargantuan piece of evidence - 75 pages on how he writes, his sources, and so forth. The Wall Street Journal got their hands on a copy, and if you have Adobe Acrobat/Reader, it's right here for your reading enjoyment.
First, on the merits of TGWWHBHG v. DBRHCS, there are a couple of excellent points that Brown makes. One, that he included an anagram of the names of the authors of HBHG in his book, and two that it's specifically mentioned by the characters in his novel. For someone who is plagarising and denigrating, that's some pretty blatant behavior. Dan Brown may be a lot of things, but judging from his degrees and his books, stupid isn't one of them. I can't wait to see TGWWHBHG get their butts handed to them in court.

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