Friday, March 17, 2006

Maximizing Utilities at One Plate Buffets

Have you ever eaten at one of those restaurants that's all you can eat, but only as long as it fits on your plate? It's the one trip buffet concept, and you pay the same amount as at a regular place. Forro told me about some Mongolian places down in Arizona and how he would cram the meat in with his elbow, compacting it so much that the guy on the grill would have to pry it out with his chopsticks. Then you'd nest noodles around it, then build a stack of vegetables on top. It sounded pretty impressive at the time, but I wasn't yet wise in the ways of the world. Instead, how about something really amazing?
Here's a couple of guys from Taiwan who have gone out of their way to show us crammers how it's really done. Instead of fitting everything inside a cereal bowl, why not stack it as high as the tailfins on a 56 Buick? I have to bow my head in shame at not being able to do anything like this. I have disgraced my family. The only way I can continue is by training at my local Pizza Hut to come close to them. Unfortunately, it seems like Pizza Hut is going the way of Domino's and Papa Johns. All the sit down restaurants in the county closed a while back, which was unfortunate. Their pizza buffet was a great deal and a fantastic way to secure bragging rights over your friends with the biggest stack of crusts on your plate, like bready chicken bones.

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