Wednesday, March 08, 2006

USO've Got Mail

One of the things I like the least is comeons like this one from the USO. You've got your soldier in the bunker and he's thinking "man, I hope that Sorro still cares." Never mind that he's under fire, his buddy was killed next to him, and he's got insurgents surrounding him - he just wants to know that I still care. How will he know that? By a donation from me to the USO! Would I donate to the USO? Well, probably not due to this campaign (I've gotten this, along with some address labels from them both at home and at work. However, assuming that they stopped their "let's guilt the public into donating" campaign, I still wouldn't donate. Why? Because honestly, what has the USO done for the troops lately? They haven't done one thing since Bob Hope died. In fact, they now don't even send people over to Iraq to entertain the troops, it's just on television. You're telling me that you can't get these people to donate their time? You can't get CBS or News Corp to donate studio space and broadcasting equipment? I'm calling bull crap on this. This is a money grab, and I'll support the troops, but there are many more ways to do that other than ensuring that they'll get USOTV.
Of course, I'd reconsider if you use my money to exhume and reanimate Bob Hope's corpse, then send it over there to entertain and as the key figure in our new army of the undead.

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