Friday, September 07, 2007

Follow up - Meeting Blog

So I have some follow up that is more interesting than the meeting itself. A-Rod showed up after we left and had a second meeting with everyone unfortunate enough to stay in the office when he showed up. When they asked where he was he said "I was in my office at 10:30, but nobody came and got me." Well la-dee-da. Apparently he needs his mommy to help him out and dress him in the morning. For starters, it's a terrible excuse because we've had this meeting at 10 am every Friday for over a year now. Secondly, he was the one that moved it back to 11. As if he didn't just offer a terrible excuse though, he lied to do it. The reason we know this is because at 10:45 Forro dropped his timesheets off at A-Rod's office and the man wasn't there. He also wasn't there at 11:10 when Derek Jeter went past his office on his way to the meeting. His excuse? "well, you just couldn't tell that the lights were on because I have my windows blocked. Another bad excuse because they're only partially blocked. I'm beginning to think he's a pathological liar, like the character Jon Lovitz played on SNL.
To top this fiesta off, he can't fill out an expense report to save his life, despite the fact that he has expenses every month and has for 5 years now. Every month he comes in "Sorro, how do I fill this out?" He then proceeds to do it wrong. I don't know if he just doesn't listen or what, but it's abundantly clear to me that he has the retention skills of an infant or he zones off, listening to the taiko drums whaling away in his head (as in giant beating, not annoying whiny sound).


themickel said...

I love when executives pull the same crap they would ream a "lower" employee out for. Being late, not respecting the time of others, missing out on "important" meetings - double-standardism at it's best.

I also enjoyed how you assigned each member a Yankee counterpart, though the personality of the player whose name they've inherited invariably paints them with the same tone. i.e. apparently office-Matsui is a bloviating ignoramus, yet real-Matsui seems pretty stoic. Maybe Giambi would be a better match there. Or Sheffield (even though he's no longer a Yankee).

And yes, I care enough about your meeting diaries to post a comment this long.

Cheeth said...

Yeah, the diaries rule.