Friday, September 21, 2007

Meeting Diary 9/21

Here we are, with a mini (as far as participants) meeting. We have a lineup of just me, A-Rod, and Jorge Posada. Of course, that could be the recipie for your entertainment as I'm here with a blowhard and a guy who desperately wants to be heard.

9:30 AM - We started late, but earlier than usual which is very nice. A-Rod managed to ask Jorge to take us through a presentation that he will be giving again on Wednesday. The point of doing that? I have no idea.

9:35 AM - A-Rod says we'll be done by 10:30. Oh my goodness, if that happens I'll skip down the hall singing "Skip to My Lou."

9:45 AM - We are in the midst of a 10 minute (so far) break where A-Rod interrupted things to a) jibbajabba and b) take a 50 cc 4-wheeler down to somebody's car.

9:47 AM - A-Rod is blah blah blahing about things that he doesn't have any idea about. We decided to review and I just had to tell people to select something different from what they are. It's easy enough, only about 5 mins. So what did he start doing? He doesn't know what's going on, and he's trying to insert himself into the thing and now we have a 1 hour review of the whole process between 2 departments. Ugh. Thank you for making my life miserable. Just for that, no "Skip to My Lou" even if we're out on time.

9:50 AM - A-Rod is blathering on and on about how Jorge needs to do his training on our new payment system. Never mind that he doesn't know anything about this new training, he is telling Jorge exactly how to do it. Don't you trust us to do our jobs or what?

9:58 AM - A-Rod is flapping his gums some more (I'm running out of ways to describe this) this time about expansion and whatnot. This despite the fact that we are trying to stabilize things so that we can actually use the money to oh, say, not go out of business.

10:01 AM - The term "quick and dirty" is one of my least favorites. It's been thrown around by A-Rod since he got here and I know it's supposed to be for a quick overview of something, but it sounds more like a sex act than anything else.

10:04 AM - A-Rod just hosed one of our employees. I feel sorry for her. I expect her in my office to complain very quickly.

10:08 AM - While I've been cruising ESPN, A-Rod has been going on about the demographics of our new medical director and has mentioned that she's black about 10 times now. I think I speak for everyone when I say "who cares?"

10:22 AM - Jorge is talking about a meeting that went off the rails yesterday. The problem with that meeting is it's supposed to talk about patient care and whatnot, but they end up just whinging about everything.

10:27 AM - We're not going to make the 10:30 deadline. No skipping. I still see 2 more categories that haven't happened yet.

10:44 AM - No matter what arguments you have why something is a stupid idea, you're never going to convince A-Rod that he's an idiot.

10:48 AM - A-Rod's an idiot. He's trying to micromanage my department, even though he's got absolutely nothing to do with it at all. He's not my boss, he's not even tangentally related to my department. "Why in the heck won't you allow me to do my job? Shut up already and let me do my stuff" - my exact thoughts.

10:53 AM - Will we ever tell people that they have to chill out? The answer is no. Mountains will always be made out of molehills.

10:56 AM - This is a much more entertainingly reading meeting than the last one. As such it is so much more tedious and annoying than the last one.

11:04 AM - How about that? Finally, after over a year of me saying that our old medical director is a knob, we finally have A-Rod admit he's a knob. The problem is though that he didn't believe it until the "community" told one of our people it. Man, sometimes I don't think I have any clout at all with him.

11:07 AM - "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!" Oh how close we were. As it is, we'll be another little bit unfortunately.

11:10 AM - We're done, and only about 2x as long as we were supposed to be!


themickel said...

What I really want to know is how you manage to surf the net and write this running diary in a three-person meeting. I mean, I've taken my lappy to meetings and played old school nintendo games on the emulator before, but there are usually 20+ there. How on earth do you pull it off with 3, one of whom is a bloviating micromanager?

Cheeth said...

Bloviators (they are like aviators, only they don't capture our hearts and imaginations) don't notice anything that is going on except their own talking. That's why they are easy to A) surf the net while listening to and B) make fun of fairly openly without them noticing.

Sorro said...

And the Cheeth hits the nail on the head. He doesn't notice that I'm not paying attention because he's too busy bloviating and not paying attention to anything else that isn't him. I think that even if I didn't use any code names and he came across this page (the only possible way would probably be from googling himself) he wouldn't pay any attention to what I said on here.