Monday, September 10, 2007

I Love A Good Train Wreck

Remember Brittney Spears? She's back, in "I don't care" form! Take a look at this MTV VMA clip from last night's show. It's honestly one of the least sexy things ever done in the history of the world. Brittney in her drawers was something that a lot of men looked forward to and now here she is and she looks like an old Ford Pinto with a couple hundred thousand miles on the odometer. Seriously, she used to be a Ferrari, or at the very least, a Corvette. She was good looking, young, and something that all the guys wanted. Now, after a couple of terrible years, a marriage to K-Fed, a couple of kids, a drawers-less exit from a car, a shaved head, a breakdown or three, and who knows what else, she may only be 25, but she acts like she's about 60. She didn't care and she mailed in that performance, even though it could very well have been what was keeping her from moving into a FEMA trailer in the Lower Ninth.

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