Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Quick Hits

Random thoughts for Thursday:
  • I saw a UTA bus yesterday that had the BYU football theme for the year on it: Cougars Reloaded. Judging by the first 3 weeks of the year I hope that they don't mean that they're going to be like The Matrix Reloaded - loads of promise, some cool highlights, but ultimately not nearly as good as the year before.
  • My brother was telling me about how he was jogging a few days ago and he had to go to the bathroom. He wasn't near a bathroom and ended up pooping in a field that was going to be built on pretty quickly. I've not heard of that before - I've seen and done the tachishoben, but what he did was another animal all together. Mind you, this was in a city, not in the woods. I guess when you've gotta go, you've gotta go.
  • I was watching the US version of Kitchen Nightmares last night and the "co-owner" of the restaurant was a crazy amalgam of 2 different people I work with. My wife said that he reminded her of A-Rod (our EVP, not the Yankee) and I thought he was like Lawn Boy, someone who (barely) works here and fancies himself a big shot, but also feels that that means he can just do whatever. Jump on the link and check out the videos from the episode. Peter is the man who we're talking about and the only difference is that neither of them get as explosively angry as he did. Nevertheless, they both walk around and create messes because they don't know what to do and just comp everything like a couple of idiots. The one (tiny) hope that I have is seeing what Gordon Ramsay did to him and how he decided to cowboy up and act like a man after that. We just have to get Steven Covey in here for A-Rod and someone else for Lawn Boy to do the same.
  • Speaking of Ramsay, the more that I've seen his non Hell's Kitchen shows, the more that I like him. Sure, he's abrasive and he swears like a sailor. Nevertheless, he does his darndest to help out those who he's working for and to make sure that the customers get what they deserve from a place. I've now placed his cookbooks on my Amazon wish list, in large part because of that (oh, and also because he's a Michelin 3-star chef).

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