Friday, October 26, 2007

The Big Throwdown/(Tell Me Why) I Don't Like Fridays II

Can we never have a Friday again? Honestly, Fridays are terrible. Work wasn't bad today and Forro and I were in the middle of The Big Throwdown with A-Rod. It was going pretty well, and I would hope Forro will run a report on it because I never got to my part of The Throwdown because, for the second Friday in a row, there was a family emergency. My wife has been having kidney problems and we went to the hospital because of her pain last Friday and it's been difficult the past week because she's been hurting so much that she hasn't slept and she's been on pain meds. So she had a good night last night and it looked like things were moving on to something better. She was coming to see me in my office and it's only about 2 miles away from my office. She got in an accident. It wasn't just a fender bender...her car was wrapped around a traffic light. I got a call in the middle of the Throwdown with my wife saying "Come quickly, I've been in a serious accident." I went over there thinking the whole time "I hope that my wife, daughter, and unborn son are safe." I drove there, rather unsafely (which is perhaps a bit odd, but nonetheless) skirting through traffic in my G35 like i was on the Nürburgring. I got off northbound I-15 and turned towards the southbound onramp, where the accident was. It wasn't a pretty sight. There were 2 ambulances, a fire engine, about 5 cop cars, and a giant line of traffic that I had to wait through as I was contemplating what horrible fate may await me. As I got closer, I saw my wife's car wrapped around the aforementioned traffic signal, drivers' side on the pole. I was finally able to sneak through the intersection and park in a nearby parking lot. I ran across the street (traffic was pretty much at a standstill as 3 of 4 lanes were blocked, nevertheless it still wasn't my brightest moment) and saw that Alyssa was okay and being held by a random nice good samaritan lady. That was a relief, even though she was totally traumatized by what had happened. Rachelle was in a neck brace and on one of those backboards as they were pulling her out of the car from the passenger side. She ultimately was given the ticket and blamed herself from the get-go, although it's all fine. The car was a complete'll be an Abrams tank before too long. The police were actually quite nice and in an odd coincidence the officer who was the lead on the accident was a kid who was probably 10 years older than me who lived next door for a long time. That was unexpected. I went to the hospital, calling all the while, and after 4 hours split between the ER and Labor/Delivery, we went home, with some bruises and bad memories to show for it. It could definitely have been worse, so I'm glad it wasn't. At the same time we couldn't help feeling like this was a sign. What of? Well, there are really only 3 options
1) We haven't been doing what the Lord would have us do
2) This is just a random trial...our life's been great (even though I can still whinge with the best of them) and so here you go to learn.
3) 1 and 2.
I wish I knew what it was because it'd help out, but we're definitely going to work on being better because the last thing we need is for our house to burn down or one of us to get involved in a tragic blimp accident before we listen up. Anyway, all's as good as it can be right now, which is what matters the most.
Oh, and BTW expect some pictures of the car soonish. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon from the the great Detroit in the Sky, or to be more accurately, by the old Geneva Steel.


Rob said...

What a reality check! I'm glad everyone is okay and you'll be in my prayers. I don't like the scary experiences in life but I've always found that they help remind me what really matters most.

themickel said...

Holy cow Sorro. That is crazy. I'm glad everyone is ok. I think it's probably just number 2, unless you have some rampant heroin addiction you need to take care of.

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