Friday, October 05, 2007

Super Meeting Running Diary 10/5/07

9:51 AM - Welcome to another meeting Running Diary. This is our super meeting, which means we should have the whole team together. To recap:
Derek Jeter – Owner
Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano – Executives
Sorro, Forro, Jorge Posada, and Jason Giambi – Forro and I plus the other 2 Director level people
Hideki Matsui & Melky Cabrera – The office director level people
Bobby Abreu – Fired.

10:06 AM – The current people here are me, Forro, and Cano. A-Rod came in and told us that Melky and Matsui are excused for one reason or another (Melky’s sick and Matsui’s busy working elsewhere). Giambi is busy talking with an employee.

10:16 AM – Ah our typical situation. A-Rod and Jorge just came in. A-Rod delivered his usual crap for crap meeting sheet that still (going on 3 years now) has me as Office Manager instead of my actual, much higher position. What does that say to me? That even though I have mentioned it to him numerous times he either hasn’t listened, cared, or bothered. Either way, he’s coming up “I don’t care about you.”

10:21 AM – Cano has some good things to say. Really, I think my generalized meeting beef is A-Rod, because when he’s not involved, things are great. Cano’s telling us to do better with positive reinforcement, which is absolutely what we need to do.

10:26 AM – Derek Jeter made it to the show

10:43 AM – Cano’s presentation is over, Forro’s is up. The projector’s not working right, I don’t know if it’s his compy or if it’s the projector.

10: 47 AM – Fixed it, and we’re going over a company survey. A-Rod tells us that he didn’t fill out the survey because he didn’t know about it – this despite the fact that we announced it 10 times while we were doing it. The lesson? He doesn’t listen.

10:56 AM – Ah the A-Rod pipe-in. I don’t recall this conversation that he was talking about, but nevertheless, the idea is that he’s a mental. He’s certainly using the Jump to Conclusions game because he’s off on a tangent that, while it has some salient points, has nothing to do with what we’re supposed to be discussing.

11:03 AM – Giambi’s here from his meeting with his employee.

11:17 AM – We’ve had a discussion that is the same one we have all the time about Derek Jeter traveling from Yankee Stadium to Fenway Park. Jeter doesn’t feel like he can, others feel like he should. We’ve been talking about it for the past 10 minutes. It’s a deadlock and the bottom line is that he might go to Fenway a couple times a year, but mainly he’ll be playing in the Bronx.

11:24 AM – After procuring some computers from Dell via Ebates (now that’s a sweet deal and another post), we moved on to our corrective action policy.

11:35 AM – Just finished my typical “I’ve had too much water, gotta make a quick run” break.

11:44 AM – Sorry, nothing entertaining going on. I will say that we are now 15 minutes from the deadline and I haven’t started my financial portion yet. So much for that!

12:22 PM – My financial presentation has come and gone. We’re talking about payment from our new payment system now and A-Rod is piping in at something he has no idea about, worrying about everything all the time. He’s mental.

12:41 PM – We’re done!

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