Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Color Me Unimpressed

I'm supposed to be going to a conference in St. Thomas here in a month and I'll tell you what, the hotel it's at, the Wyndham Sugar Bay, is doing everything they can to not get my money. I think their reservations department is run by a monkey on a typewriter because so far I still don't have a reservation. I have done the following: 2 calls with messages left because nobody was there to take my call. 1 call where they told me to send an email to make the reservation because apparently they can't take it over the phone. That's bizarre to me, but what can you expect when you've just got that monkey and typewriter? I haven't heard back from them, made all the more troubling by the fact that I have my credit card number in there. For all I know they're busy racking up a sizeable bill at right now. I just called and had a momentary hiccup in my phone service because AT&T and the Hyatt Regency Denver don't like each other too much. I'll try again on my way to the airport and hopefully they'll take it that time. The only reason I'm not going elsewhere is because of the conference rate I'm getting and it's a far sight below the price at a place like the Ritz-Carlton there, although I would go elsewhere in a heartbeat because this is the worst hotel service I've ever seen. The sad thing for Wyndham is that this is coloring every other travel decision I will make. Instead of taking my money there, I'd prefer going to a Hampton Inn which, while not luxurious, is a nice product at a good price and a money back guarantee. If the Wyndham had that, I'd have some free rooms for this stay coming up already

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