Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Note to the Off-Blue Thunderbird

You may think that you are entitled to get on to the freeway at any given point. You may also feel that even though there is a long line of cars that have been semi-patiently waiting to get moving down the road that you are the exception to the rule and that you deserve to squeeze your way in front of that Dodge Nitro who is still riding the tail of the guy in front of him to stop you from cutting in line. Even though you no longer have a lane, said Nitro won’t let you in on principle. I don’t know if your history of lines is based on experiences in Italy or what, but the man in the Nitro just doesn’t give a crap. You want to get in line, get behind him. Now when you jump out of line at the next possible moment to then screw more people in that same line because you’re far too important to sit in traffic with everyone else, even though you could quite possibly be a gang banger and the Nitro is a rental car and you could still get sideswiped if you run in to each other again because it’s bollocks that you’re pulling that.

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