Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thoughts on My Insanely Liberal Organization

I’m a conservative in a field that is dominated by liberals. I don’t just mean 60%, I mean that something like 90% of the people in this field are liberal. It leads to a lot of speeches by our national lobbying organization's leader and a lot of guest speakers who rail on anything that has to do with a Republican cause. Since I certainly can’t stand up and debate him here in front of a couple thousand other people, I figure that I’d rebut some of his arguments here in my blog.

  1. We’re not paying for this war because we’re not sacrificing. There’s a bit of yes and no to this. On one hand, we aren’t. The soldiers are and some Americans are, but just because we’re not paying higher taxes or using ration coupons doesn’t mean that we’re not doing our part. I suppose that the Democrats who pull out this old canard feel like we should torpedo our economy for the sake of the war. Nothing says sacrifice like a recession/depression!

  2. “We’re fighting the last great civil rights battle.” He always is saying this. He mentions that old people don’t have the right to assembly or freedom of speech or whatnot because they’re stuck in their homes. For some reason I don’t buy that. My primary example is AARP. AARP is the single most powerful lobby in Washington and if you touch Social Security or Medicare, you have to go through them to do it. I don’t see a lot of civil rights issues here.

  3. “If Congress was run by women, we wouldn’t have all these problems.” That’s rich. I’ll go completely the other way and say that there’d be fights all the time. Russia paints her nukes the same color as ours? Why this means war! Those olive camos are so ugly…let’s see if we can’t spruce them up with some color and lace. But seriously, the problems would be just the same. The reason why women aren’t represented as strongly as men is because they don’t care as much. Women tend to have motherly feelings at one point or another and it takes a chunk out of a career to have kids. You could be moving along in your company and then decide you want kids and the opportunity cost of leaving your job or not moving further up is worth it. Good for you! It’s an amazing sacrifice and one that my wife freely made. It’s incredibly impressive, but at the same time I don’t want to hear a bunch of whining about how women aren’t as powerful because they are, just in a different way because of different choices and that’s why society is still running.


Smash said...

So, you think women would go to war because of the color of other country's bombs? Beau. I realize you're exaggerating to make your point, stating something in such a stereotypical way makes you sound just as stupid as someone that says having the country run by women would solve all our problems.

Also, liberals are people too. Nicer people, really.

Sorro said...

It's true that they're nicer. It gets them into a lot of trouble than the cold hearted conservatives...of course it's different kinds of trouble (more making love, less war and so on). And my point was indeed made in the most hyperbolic manner possible. It takes all kinds from all walks of life to solve our problems and you can't just pin it on one group like whitey or The Man. We all caused it and we all have a hand in fixing it.