Monday, July 23, 2007

Cuba Badding, Jr

Who remembers when Cuba Gooding, Jr was actually a respectable actor? I certainly do. He did Jerry Maguire and won an Oscar for it. Of course, that by itself doesn't mean that you are a reputable actor. After that he added Men of Honor, What Dreams May Come, and As Good As It Gets, all movies that may not have been fantastic or box office hits, but that were certainly the kind of movies that you could see an Oscar winner in. Since then however, let's look at his filmography:
Snow Dogs
Boat Trip
and now: Daddy Day Camp.
Ugh, this movie looks worse than the original (Daddy Day Care). If you don't believe me, take a look at the trailer:

When did he decide either that he was Keith Hernandez and it doesn't matter what he does or that he needed a paycheck so badly to slum it for money? This is just sad.

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Cheeth said...

What a sad world.