Thursday, July 19, 2007

Public Indecency

I might infuriate the wrath of women worldwide with the next statement, but let me explain. I'm tired of women breast feeding in all the wrong places. Just because you cover up with a blanket does not help me digest my meal at the restaurant, concentrate in class, or worship at church. Just the other day at Rumbi I was innocently sitting at a table enjoying a tasty rice bowl when BAM! the lady at the table next to me whips out a breast and starts junior on his all natural diet. Now ladies, I understand that babies need to eat. I also understand that sometimes their needs comes at an inopportune time. Those understandings in place, I'm not accepting of the fact that it must happen within two feet of my lunch.
A few years ago I was in a dance class, in which every day one of the students paused to feed her baby in the corner. That alone is disturbing to me, what might be even more disturbing to you is that she didn't even bother to cover her naked breast. I complained to a friend in class who immediatly scolding me for not being understanding of "a natural event". She was right I don't understand how popping your nipple out is wrong by itself, but popping it out with a baby attached is fine. I agree that it is a natural event, so is going to the bathroom. I submit that if I made a habit of urinating in the potted plants at Rumbi I'd promptly be tossed out.


Scott Roche said...

Except, of course, that urination is un-hygenic and in doing so you would be exposing your genitalia. Other than that it's exactly the same as breastfeeding. ;-)

Sorro said...

Tell that to the legions of tachishobening (public urinating)Japanese and others living in Japan!

Cheeth said...

I think breastfeeding is fine. Whether it grosses you out or not is your problem, not that of the suckling babe in need of nourishment.

Mar said...

I'd say chalk it up to Utah County but I think you were in SLC. I guess I can't blame those damn Mormons.

Anonymous said...

This may be a little late...but I am truly dumb-founded. I agree that breastfeeding can be done discreetly but why I should feed my baby from the bottle just so that you feel better I can't quite follow.
I can't seem to find any complaint in your blogs about the likes of JLO, Lil Kim etc and what they have been wearing to the MTV awards and the likes. They showed more on the red carpet than what most women would show feeding their baby.