Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Contingency Planning

Here at my company we don't like to "plan for the future." By that I mean to tomorrow. The property manager here took off to Australia for 2 weeks on one of those vacations of a lifetime things and he didn't bother to secure anyone to take care of our building in the event of snow. Fortunately it's snowed on weekends so far, but today was a doozy. We're up to 6 inches or so of heavy, wet snow. If it was our typical powder it wouldn't even be a huge deal, but this was the back-breaking stuff of legend. As the official contingency plan for when it snows and he's not here you had somebody making a lot more than it would have cost to actually just hire a company out there using a ghetto shovel (because he was a tightwad on that too) to clear enough sidewalk to choke a camel, not to mention the missing plowman in the parking lot (not that he's ever had one of those anyway) and the soon to be inevitable accident we will see there. I just hope it's not into my car.

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