Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Who Benefits?

One of the things that is interesting about the timing of the recent market issues is that they have a real chance to impact who the parties choose for President.  I think the candidate who might benefit the most is Mitt Romney.  The main reason is because he is seen as someone who could solve these issues, primarily because of his background with Bain Capital and his MBA.  Granted, our first MBA President hasn't turned out like everybody thought he would, but I don't think anyone considers Bush an MBA President even though he holds the degree.  Because of Mitt's background, I think he stands to benefit the most, followed by McCain (due to his history of fighting pork), Giuliani (fixing New York's deficit), and Huckabee (no real experience).  I could see John Edwards making a bit of a resurgance on the Democrat side because of his brand of populism.  The poor are probably already feeling like things are shaky and the additional push of the stock market might turn him into a kingmaker of sorts - he won't beat Obama or Clinton, but a deal where he becomes VP or something like that might get him to swing the ticket one way or another.  Either way Democrats benefit because a slowdown on Bush's watch will hit Republicans more than the Democrats.

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