Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Shelf Unreliable

One of the more ridiculous customer service snafus (a small tangent here - why is it that when somebody messes up it's a snafu, meaning the situation is normal from the US Army acronym SNAFU instead of a tarfu from the Army acronym TARFU - Things are really [fouled] up? Of course FUBAR has found its way here too for those situations like CompUSA.) that I have come across lately is thanks to local company Shelf Reliance. They make these can rotation products for food storage so you can rotate your cans and store them more effectively. It's a cool concept, and they charge a premium for it (north of 400 bucks for a modified Costco Gorilla rack). You'd think with that premium price, you'd get premium service, but that's not the case. One thing I will say about them is that they are very amenable and nice when I have talked with them, however apparently when I originally ordered one back on December 19th the delivery driver went and dropped one off at the wrong house (yup, no delivery confirmation for something of that price and size. I hope whoever got that enjoys their new Shelf Reliance!). My wife and I didn't know why it was taking so long to get to us when they are a scant 5 miles from our house, but figured they took the holidays off. I called them yesterday and they had their delivery guy come by our house that very day, which was great. The problem is that they gave us the wrong product! The actual frame was the wrong size, but the can guide inserts were the proper size. I'm seriously tempted to ask for free shelves or a discount on them or something like that for all the pain in the butt this has been. I fired off an email to the person I had been talking to last night when we got the delivery but haven't heard back yet. I will keep you informed on what happens.

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