Monday, January 28, 2008

Don't Say Anything

As everybody who's read the paper knows, the TSA is an inefficient, at best, bureaucracy that can't really protect us from someone smart who is trying to hijack an airplane. As this story shows, they can barely protect us from people who forgot they were packing heat. The worst part of this is that after saying he forgot about the gun he had and going back to let them know they screwed up, he got fined. He should have followed one of my travel rules: if you brought something into the secure area that you shouldn't have because you forgot, just keep going. That's happened to me several times with a little keychain Swiss Army Knife I have. I'm not going to let them know, I'll just keep going and take care of it later because I don't want it to end up thrown away or getting me fined. It certainly doesn't make me feel safer when the honest people end up getting punished while the people who are actually trying to harm us can still do so.

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themickel said...

Hey. Like the new format. You're totally right. There are at least 3 things that completely baffle me about this story: 1- that the guy would forget he's packing heat in the first place (seriously, how do you "forget" you are carrying a lethal weapon? EVER? Especially when waiting in an hour long security line? Who is this guy?) 2- The fact that some guy who has completely forgotten that he had a gun (and has therefore done nothing to conceal it) can get by trained professionals (I use both words loosely) with extremely expensive equiptment, and 3- The fact that they arrest the guy. I'm guessing they did this not for the actual rule breaking, but for exposing their incompetency.

This would be a far funnier story if people's lives weren't at stake.