Thursday, January 17, 2008

KISS the Apprentice

I was a little wary of this season's version of The Apprentice, but after the first episode, I was hooked. Really, the single biggest reason for the awesomeness that is this season is one man: Gene Simmons. He is an incredibly arrogant, smart, womanizing, chauvanist, arrogant (yes, that's two arrogants) person, but he is incredibly entertaining. When he leaves the program, it will be a big blow to it because I absolutely love seeing him on the show. You've never had anyone who does so much wrong but is so incredibly right at the same time. He doesn't follow the rules of business but he's incredibly lucky and good at what he does, even though he's far too idiotic for his own good. His arrogance and ego get in the way of everything he could be, and he could be so much more. That's why he's so great and why I never want to see him leave. Unfortunately, he's an idiot and he's fired. If he wasn't so pig-headed, Trump would have kept him. He was begging Gene to pick someone he could fire so he could stick around, but he essentially fell on his Sword of Arrogance. I really wonder how much of this is an act and how much is really him. Could one person really be like this? Take a look at NBC's website if you haven't been able to see these shows, it's well worth it! The Apprentice on NBC

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