Wednesday, January 02, 2008

IT Pet Peeve of the Day 3

Another in my ongoing series of annoyances as the head of our IT department. This time the person who didn't know their login a month ago came back to me again because I had to log on to her computer to do an update (Forro and I call her Kodos for no real reason I guess. She really doesn't do much that the alien in The Simpsons does)...and she didn't know her login information again! From my transcript:
Kodos: I've come in to do some work and my password doesn't work.
Sorro: What's in your user name field?
K: Where's that?
S: It's the area above the area where you put in your password
K: says "Administrator"
S: Okay, you have to put in your user name for your password to work.
K: What's my user name?
S: (At this point annoyed because this is unfortunately not the first time she's done this. You'd think she'd remember her user name by now). Your user name is probably [your first name].[your last name]
K: Are you sure?
S: {ugh}
It worked and I was just mildly annoyed by the whole process because, as I have mentioned before, this is one of my pet peeves.

If that was the end I wouldn't have thought to post again. After all, this happened on Saturday morning and it's now Wednesday. However, she called me on my office phone about an hour ago and we had the following conversation.
K:"Are you here?"
S: {um, did dial my extension and it's not on Mars.} Yes.
K: My desktop isn't the same and I can't access any of my network drives.
S: What did you use as your login information?
K: I used [my first name].[my last name]
So I checked our domain server to see what exactly the deal was if perhaps she had 2 login names or something like that. She didn't, so I checked the different desktops on her computer to see what was happening. They were all the same, so I didn't know what was going on. She then said that it had nothing to do with the desktop. I told her to restart her computer with an ethernet cable plugged in the back. She looked at me incredulously and so I repeated what I said, pointing at the hole on the back of her computer for emphasis and clarity.
K: Well I did that already today and it didn't work.
S: (Knowing full well that she must not have done what I asked her to do otherwise it would have worked) Well, do it again and it will work.
K: I just wish there was a way for this to work like it is supposed to!
S: {The way it would work the way it's supposed to is for you to remember all those little tidbits I tell you instead of thinking you don't need to bother with them.}


Scott said...

Heh. I commiserate.

Scott said...

Here's another one. I was at a user's PC yesterday and was showing her the icons that pop up for you to print a pdf from a browser. I said, "Now to print/save use these icons, not the ones in the toolbar or from your menus." She said, "What happens if I don't?" My thought, "Just do what I told you to do!" I think they think we like to make stuff up.

Sorro said...

LOL. I really think that people believe that we enjoy making life difficult. Perhaps there's nothing better to do with our day than listen to irate people not listen to us and then get mad and blame us when they can't use a computer.