Friday, January 27, 2006

American Bonehead

Ah John Kerry. Is there another politician out there who has more of a tin ear? The nation's most authoritative bastion of liberal thinking, The New York Times, has even hopped on the anti-Kerry bandwagon. For a man who campaigned as The Common Man's Common Man, he doesn't sound all that common. He's out at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, cavorting with Warren Buffett, Bono (moving in between there and Sundance Film Festival), the Sauds, George Soros, and other assorted elite business movers and shakers. While there, he couldn't help flogging a dead horse by calling up other Senators during his jet-setting to see if they'll help him filibuster Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito.

Let's face it, Alito will be on the supreme court. This is a moot point, as there are already 60 Senators who won't vote to filibuster. That means that Kerry is pandering to his percieved constituency. Of course, he forgot to notice that he doesn't matter anymore. He's going to try and run in 2008 for the Presidency again, but it's not a good tactic to use "I Lost Before, and I Can Do It Again!" as your campaign slogan. Even the Angry Left is angry at him for his latest move. Not only are they doing it, but his friends in the Senate are eviscerating him too. From the Times article:

"No one can complain on this matter that there hasn't been sufficient time to
talk about Judge Alito, pro and con," Mr. Reid said on the Senate floor. "I
hope that this matter will be resolved without too much more talking."
And on Friday, Senator Joseph Biden, a Delaware Democrat and member of the Judiciary Committee who voted against Mr. Alito there, said he would not support a filibuster and doubted one would happen.

I'm sorry Mr. Kerry. Maybe you just got Punk'd? The fact is that you used your best shot for the presidency to go up against George W. Bush, and you lost. Not only did you lose, but you lost in a particularly bad fashion. Bush was a beatable, weak candidate for an incumbent, and all you could do was look on as your initial lead got beat down by your own verbal gaffes. President Bush makes verbal mistakes, but they're on the order of "nu-kyew-ler" as opposed to "I voted for it, before I voted against it" There are much better candidates out there, and the horse to beat at this point is Hillary Clinton, the power behind the throne (as opposed to the power under the desk) during Bill's presidency.

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