Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Future of Shaving

This is one of the most exciting weeks I've seen in years. The RAZOR OF THE FUTURE is here! I am among those who don't see how 4 blades can be better than 3 or that 5 can be better than 4, but after getting a free Gillette Fusion through the mail, I think that there's actually something to the hype. It is actually a better shave. I don't know if 6 would be better than 5 or if 10 would be better than either of them, but I do know that 5 is the best there is right now.
Speaking of the Fusion, I highly recommend this article from The Onion (complete with salty language). It's funny in part because of the wording, but it's also funny because it's true. I also recommend getting yourself a 5 bladed razor, because the last thing you want to do is be the last guy on earth to have one. I know that Smith's (part of the Kroeger family) has them for free if you buy the Fusion shaving gel or some blades, so if you get it, get it there. If you're Derek, I suppose the best you can do is to have it imported or hope that Matsuyoshi Kiyoshi gets it soon.

Coming up later this week: Oprah gets bizay and limbo in limbo.

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