Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bitten by the Upgrade Bug

I'm using a new version of Microsoft Internet Explorer now - Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2. It's only available for Windows XP, and it looked for a minute like it was going to completely screw my computer. Fortunately, it didn't - even though until Microsoft released the official beta today I was using a leaked pre-beta version on the internet. I knew it was a dicey move. It's not the smartest thing to download random crap from sites that you don't know, especially .exe files, as you could be downloading something that blows your computer up. Nevertheless, I'm always on the lookout for something that is the newest and best thing, even at the expense of all the music and photos on my hard drive. In the stock market, this would be called borrowing on the margins, and my lust for the latest and greatest software and technology should be soothed by something - anything - to prevent me from doing permanent damage.
As far as how IE7 is so far, I love it. It has a couple of problems (noticibly the WYSIWYG editor here at Blogger doesn't work right), but the plusses far outweigh the minuses. It's got tabbed browsing, groups, print-right technology (meaning that no matter what the website looks like, when you print it won't jump off the side of the page), and a nifty multi-tab view that lets you see all the pages you currently have up. Once the bugs are worked out, this will be sweet. It's much better than my previous browser of choice, Maxthon. I tried Mozilla Firefox, but I don't see what the hype is. It's certainly not the best.

On a related internet-type note, I should have shorted Google. I have been saying for months (in person, not on this blog, so I don't have any evidence per se that I actually did it) that Google was overvalued and due for a fall, and finally I am right. Of course, it's still above where it was when I said that, but that's beside the point. Even bad armchair day traders can be right every now and again. In the end, I saw a stock of a company that I really like that was just too high. I don't see how Google was worth $400/share. It'll probably rebound, but at that valuation there is just too many expectations built into the price. Everyone was expecting it to keep making more and more money - and it did, but not enough to prevent it from dropping nearly 20% today. I'll bet a lot of shirts were traded for suspenders and barrels when investors heard that news.

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