Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Following is Not a Business Least Not a Good One

Before I get started, I thought I'd mention the new look for those of you who are design blind, or maybe regular blind and you have my posts read to you because you just can't live without your occasional dose of...whatever you'd call this. I completely hosed things up yesterday as I was trying to add some new things to my sidebar, and by the time all was said and done, I had changed the look of the blog completely. Part of this was jealosy over the new look that Mike and Logan have on their blogs, and part of it was the messed up old template, and part of it was wanting it to look different from other blogs, to some degree. It still has posts and links and things like that, but it also has a soothing blue motif going on. Since you can clearly see what I'm talking about, that's all I have to say about that.

On a completely different subject, I haven't blogged about how one of the execs here is an idiot for quite some time now. I figure that he's due his quarterly (or so) mention. He's not in the office much, which is certainly a blessing sent from heaven. He's busy pursuing other business opportunities or sleeping or "working from the Home Office" (code for "I'm taking the day off but I'm not going to dip into my paid time off because I'm a moron") or doing something else. Frankly, it's been a blessed time around here since he has been less involved. We've been able to get things done without all the meddling from him. I think that some of the meddling is because he doesn't know the first thing about actually working in our industry. Heck, he's lucky if he can run a business that doesn't do things with the government. Anyway, he has been gone pursuing other things, and all the crap that was bogging us down suddenly went away. Middle managers were empowered to make decisions, there wasn't all the undercutting and usurping of authority, and life in general was pretty darn good. Well, just like all good horror movie villains, he's back. I don't know what prompted the renewed interest in the company, all I can do is curse it.
Now that he's back, we've turned into a bunch of Johnny Comelatelies again. Instead of making good, quick decisions, we have an endless back-and-forth in meetings that always ends with him not budging from his position that we need to be just like the competition, for one reason or another.
For those who are wondering what the crest at the left has to do with anything, it's one that Forro and I created to show this particular exec's personal creed. You can decide what these pieces mean.


Michael Brady said...

Love the format. I'm thinking of copying mainly because I'm a Japanese faddist and lack creativity, but also because I want people to know what I am reading and how sophisticated I am.

Nevertheless (I'm doing the Luke Skywalker thing with my hands, which is similar to the Mr. Burns hand thing), my browser gets all gummed up when I try to cop a gander at the Sorro blog. Gr!

Sorro said...

Mike, your browser gets gummed up? Are you using something other than MS Internet Explorer? I've tested this format with both IE 6 and IE 7 and it seems to work well for them. Is it a coding issue that it's having with Firefox or Opera perhaps?