Sunday, January 22, 2006

Monster Ballads!

Remember Monster Ballads? The definitive collection of 80s-era hair bands is back - in Platinum form! I was watching the Colbert Report with my wife the past few nights, and normally I use my TiVo to skip past the usual ads - Enzyte, Girls Gone Wild, some random dating thing, and Fitness Made Easy, with fitness celebrity John Basedow. However, these nights were different. For the first time in recent memory (probably since the Super Bowl last year), I didn't skip past the ads. Why? Because it was advertising Monster Ballads: Platinum Edition. A quick glance at Amazon's playlists for Monster Ballads and Monster Ballads 2 shows that there is some crossover here among the usual suspects: Bad English, Cinderella, Europe, Scorpions, White Lion, and Saigon Kick have entries using the same songs as in the previous collections, but this has more. Yes, it has the definitive Monster Ballad of all time (with forgiveness to my wife, who strongly believes that When I See You Smile is the definitive Monster Ballad), Every Rose Has Its Thorn. The shocking thing was that it wasn't on the original Monster Ballads CD. Every self-respecting hair band afficionado has that on their Monster Ballads iPod playlist. I strongly recommend that each and every one of you go to this link and watch the commercial. It's good enough that I actually have a Colbert Report saved on my TiVo just for this commercial. Watch it, hear it, love it.

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