Monday, January 16, 2006

Palmer for President!

While I am a fan of President Bush, I have to say that I would vote for Dennis Haysbert if he ran for President. While some may know him better as Pedro Cerrano or that guy from Heat who got shot by the police in the bank robbery scene, he rallied a whole nation behind him as President David Palmer in 24. I think it would be a great stride ahead for him to actually run for president now. He could be a Republocrat or maybe just a Republican or Democrat. Of course, Haysbert looks like Palmer, but can he govern like Palmer, or at least seem like he does? If so, he has the 2008 election all tied up...of course, it would help if he changed his name to "David Palmer," but that wouldn't make or break my vote.
Barring that, I don't know how I'll get my Palmer fix. I still have my prior seasons of 24 on DVD, but now that he's a member of The Unit, I think we won't be seeing much of him anymore. On a related note, if you aren't watching 24 yet, I'd jump on that bandwagon as fast as you can, if you can stand being addicted to one more TV show. I haven't met anybody yet who can stop their 24 habit once they start. It's like some really good Columbian blow - you just start out with a little bit of it, then suddenly you're Tony Montana, killing people and nuzzling through it like some kind of porcine biped.

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