Monday, January 30, 2006

Dogs and Cats Living Together...Mass Hysteria

I was going to blog about Oprah today, but I was listening to 101.9 The End this morning when this story came up, and it was too strange to pass up. Apparently we have come one step closer to the end of the world because we now have animals who are historic enemies living together in apparent harmony. The fate of the hampster was clear when the Japanese zoo named it Gohan. For the uninitiated, gohan is the Japanese word for rice (it's also short for dinner). It would be akin to me naming it T-Bone and Baked Potato. Nevertheless, in something that nobody expected, we will probably be having the first cross-species marriage ever here in just a bit (except for that tiger and lion that created the Liger). Oh, there's also Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson, but that's another story all together.

In something completely unrelated to this transspecies menage a deux, one of the guys I work with sent me to this video. While I know that it's possibly unfairly stereotypical, it's also exactly what these people who take Dungeons and Dragons too far end up like. When you have 11 minutes to spare, run, don't walk, to this link!

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Michael Brady said...

Your appropriate props to 'Ghostbusters' is much appreciated. There is no Miyagi; only Zool!