Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Babies, etc

So I didn't post last night. I really meant to, but this whole baby thing is new to me, and after doing a little feeding (I didn't do it - I helped my wife) and a little changing (this one was me), and then playing with her and then calming her down, and suffice it to say, time went away. So that Mike gets the idea that Alyssa is not Alyssa Milano, here she is in all her baby glory. So far, being a parent is much better than I thought it would be. It does involve some priority changes, but surprisingly enough, it's actually pretty fun. While there are ugly babies out there, and I really hope that I would be able to a) know that my kid was one of them and b) admit it, her being adorable really helps with the "It's 5 am and you're wanting more food and a diaper change" angry rant. That may change, but so far it hasn't. For those who aren't parents yet, it's an institution that I highly recommend

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